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Investing in the circular economy

We invest in forward-thinking, future-facing companies and projects that benefit business, society and the environment.
A circular economy challenges the notion that products, systems and business models have an end-life through the belief that there is always a way to renew, reuse and regenerate existing resources by using superior design, planning and material usage.

"We believe in the power and potential of a circular economy."

We believe we can contribute to a truly circular economy in which everyone can thrive. Our ultimate goal is that the revenue generated from our projects can be effectively reinvested in the restoration and regeneration of the world’s most fragile ecosystems.

Working with a range of expert partners and practitioners, we identify, develop, structure and implement projects that develop tangible social and environmental benefits, while simultaneously generating risk-adjusted financial returns to the economy.

A family-owned company, we have been developing and financing impact projects for over 20 years across Asia, Africa, the USA and Europe.  We are becoming a certified B Corporation and a signatory of the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).


From concept design and strategy to fully-operational business


Leveraging our network of developers, technology providers and co-investors.


Network of impact and private equity investors


As a mutually beneficial solution for all stakeholders

"Based on a deep understanding of how systems interact with one another, we take a truly holistic approach to every project we work on."

Our team has always been at the forefront of the circular economy and we develop projects that industrialize disruptive supply chains, processes or technologies which address the need for longterm and sustainable change.

Therefore we know there is no one-size-fits all solution to the work we do, which is why all of our projects take a collaborative, multi-stakeholder approach. We pull together bespoke, agile (and lean) teams to ensure that we have the right knowledge, experience and expertise for every project.

Our systems-thinking approach enables us to take a broad, long-term view that encompasses the multifaceted nature of every project, creates an ecosystem in which everyone can win, and enables us to cross-pollinate resources, outputs and long-term benefits across a wide range of projects.

We work from business concept to a running company and assist our portfolio companies with engineering, development and financing of the business. We draw on our network in addition to making available the required resources and have the tenacity and experience to see things through.


From incubation through development to implementation, we invest across the following key sectors, with a focus on project management and scale financing of medium-sized businesses:

Sustainable Protein

Transparent eCommerce

Ecological Restoration

Biobased Materials

Our key principles of operation

Sustainable management of resources

A sustainable management of resources with a view to the limitations of the carrying capacity of the environment is key. By using natural resources in a prudent and thrifty way it preserves the resources required for future development. With biodiversity being one of the most vital resources we attach high priority to its conservation.

Our design includes ensuring efforts are made to supply the needs of communities on a local level.  From local resources to local features and diversity, all should be preserved. This includes adequate access to information affecting social and economic life, as well as the environment. We seek to provide information on decision making processes for all stakeholders.

Intra-generational and inter-generational solidarity

Our interests of sustainable development are focused on people as well. The development and environmental needs of present generations must be addressed without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

To enable sustainable development and to make higher quality of life possible, we aim to contribute to changing unsustainable patterns of production and consumption. By strengthening our business’ social responsibility through cooperation between the private and the public sector.

Polluter Pays

We believe prices must reflect the real costs paid by society for activities involved in the production and consumption of goods, including the costs of using natural resources. 

We adhere to the precautionary approach, meaning that wherever the possibility of severe or irreversible damage is perceived, a lack of complete scientific certainty may not be used as an excuse for delaying effective action to prevent damage to the environment or human health.

Diversity and Inclusion 

We want our investment companies and teams to be authentic and true to themselves. We are actively engaged to build an equitable business where we ensure equal representation: people are to be seen and heard for who they are.

We have always built our portfolio actively celebrating inclusivity and diversity. We aim to provide all stakeholders with the resources and support they need to grow, thrive and succeed. Inclusion is critical to us as well as our commitment to diversity.